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Training/Awareness Programmes on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for Students & Faculty

UNIDO ICAMT is organizing training/awareness programmes on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for students and faculty members of academic institutions at Bangalore. The upcoming training on IPR seeks to build awareness of students and young professionals as well as faculty members, in their initial years of working, on the importance of the manufacturing sector, as a key engine for economic growth. The Training will ensure that students and young professionals have enhanced awareness of the global challenges of technology, productivity and quality that affect competiveness of the manufacturing industry. Faculty with rich experience in IPR will deliver a training comprising of theoretical and practical sessions. No participation fee is being charged to students for the trainings. The dates for the IPR Programmes are as follows:-

                                       16th August 2011, Bangalore, UNIDO ICAMT

                                       18th August 2011, Bangalore, UNIDO ICAMT

                                       25th August 2011, Bangalore, UNIDO ICAMT                                   

                                      11th November 2011, Bangalore, UNIDO ICAMT

                                      17th November 2011, Bangalore, UNIDO ICAMT

                                      18th November 2011, Bangalore, UNIDO ICAMT

Dr Pratima Khandelwal, Prof & HOD, Dept of Biotechnology, New Horizon College of Engineering on Nov 18, 2011 wrote...
The initiative taken by UNIDO ICAMT for hosting such meaningful and interest generating 1-day Training Program on IPRs is highly laudable. The resource persons' Dr Kalyan and Mr Sandeep have done great work, especially the efforts of Dr Kalyan call for high appreciation. The objective of bringing together a team of BE Biotechnology students along with colleagues was truly achieved as each of us gained much from such illustrative and interactive talks that have broadened the interest spheres in the domain. Thanks a lot to organizers. The teaching-learning of IPR topics in final semester shall truly be rewarding by this program. We highly appreciate such endeavours and look forward for the advanced courses as well. Thanks also for the warm hospitality. Kind regards.
PranavGupt on Nov 13, 2011 wrote...
As a biotechnology student, it was an excellent application for a scientific approaches for young scholar's. The interaction among students is admirable. I have personally gained a sound knowledge on it. special thanks to Dr. Kalyan and UNIDO ICAMT
pooja sp on Oct 23, 2011 wrote...
I would definitely not miss the chance of appreciating the fantastic work done by UNIDO members for students...The program was really informative and a whole new experience apart from the routine learning. Presentations were extraordinary. I appreciate the team exercise that was conducted.
Vinay Hegde, Asst. Professor, CSE Department , RVCE, Bangalore on Oct 16, 2011 wrote...
It was wonderful experience in ICAMT. I thank the organization for providing me such a opportunity. Hope there are more programmes of such kind;
Mr. Narendra Kumar Sura on Oct 13, 2011 wrote...
I sincerely appreciate ICAMT, for conducting one day workshop on IPR. The suggestion given by expert's are really helpful for our curriculum development. Narendra Kumar SAsst ProfessorDepartment of Biotechnology, RVCE
MN Shruthi on Oct 10, 2011 wrote...
The program was fantastic. It was a great experience -Programme. I could tell all the points to my students as well.. Please inform us if such kind of programs are being conducted not only about IPR but also on some of mechanical backgrounds seminars as well.Thanks and Regards, Shruthi MN Asst Prof IEM Dept
Anjana Radhakrishnan on Oct 08, 2011 wrote...
The programme added immensely to my knowledge of the legal structure of many new areas. Hope there are more programmes of such kind.
Dr R Suresh on Oct 08, 2011 wrote...
I had attended the program along with my colleagues and students of R. V. College of Engineering. It was very useful and since such courses are part of UG curriculum. I wish all teaching faculty should mandatorily attend such program. Suresh Prof and Head,CH Eng Department,R.V. College of Engineering
V.Venkataramana on Oct 08, 2011 wrote...
The training was useful and enlightening.


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